> 101 places to stick your Delirious? sticker

1 on your guitar case.
2 on the back of your car!
3 on that nice big space on my server case
4 on the back of the loo door
5 on the front of the pulpit to keep everyone awake for longer
6 on your mum's best wallpaper ;)
7 on yer fridge
8 on the forehead of Simon Mayo
9 on a JW's back as you turn them away from your door :)
10 on a Police car's bonnet
11 On a bald guy's head
12 In the middle of a TV screen
13 Over the top of your spice girls sticker which you unfortunately have
14 On your mirror
15 on your lecturer's handout, before he photocopies it for everyone
16 on your CD player
17 On yer dads brief case
18 On a double glazing salesman's clip board, so at least that way they'd be doing something useful. :o)
19 on the postman/porter's head, when he actually delivers SmallTalk
20 On the ultracurve manual
21 on your chocolate biscuits
22 on your mouse (fluffy or plastic)
23 in the snow - 'cos it'll look goorgeous!
24 on your bedroom door
25 on the church front door
26 on your cycle helmet
27 on the back of your saddle (for those without cars)
28 on your bottle of shampoo
29 on your Sirius/GSX/Avolite/Pulsar
30 on your phone
31 on one of your textbooks
32 on one of your folders
33 on your anglepoise
34 On your exam paper and then write as many d:lyrics as you can underneath ( coz you can't do the exam!)
35 On Larry the Cucumber! (see www.veggietales.net)
36 On the scoreboard at Twickenham (when Scotland thrash England in the 5 Nations!)
37 On the bottle for your insomnia medication (It's 01:36!)
38 On Jon Thatcher's forehead so he remembers who he plays with
39 On Elvis the green alien
40 On the cot of baby Jemimah
41 On the box you put your bagpipes in
42 Over William Hague's mouth (MOST useful)
43 Criss-crossing another Delirious? sticker
44 on a scanner
45 on a web page
46 in your submarine (so it can go deeper)
47 on your tool case
48 on your Bosch
49 on the big black leather bound Chapel Bible
50 on the eagle lectern in St. John's College Chapel
51 on your Company letterhead
52 on your duck (rubber, for racing on the Cam)
53 on the back of the band's music - so the punters can see it
54 at the top of a punt pole
55 on the black/white board
56 on your forklift (greetings to any at Community foods!)
57 On the plastic things on Supermarket checkouts, that your supposed sign your checks on
58 On the Lens of a TV Camera
59 Over the labels on foods in the shops
60 Over the names of other Bands in the record stores
61 On your forehead
62 On Scooby's forehead ; )
63 On yer hairbrush
64 On a waterbuffalo
65 On a cebu
66 On the front of Craggy Island Parochial House
67 On Santa's sack
68 On whoever gets no 101!
69 On your Local MP's forehead
70 Over the queens Mouth
71 Over Tony Blairs Mouth
72 Over your Pastors mouth if the Sermon goes on for too long !!!!!
73 on your stereo speakers
74 on a backpack
75 on a bass drum
76 window in front of your house
77 phat bible
78 church program
79 youth directors hair
80 On the front of all the Cambridge prospectuses, as that seems to be a common place for Delirious? fans?
81 Take it wherever it goes? (sorry, bit cheesy)
82 On the front of your folder containing all the music for CE1-4 & KoF
83 On the church notice sheet, before it's photocopied
84 In your diary at the date of the next D: gig you're going to (Wolverhampton)
85 On the box you keep your tools in at work, even if it completely weirds your co-workers out. *g*
86 on your virtual bullet
87 on the pink fluffy q mark
88 over the CCMS(1) logo on our tops when we turn up for the gig! see http://www.cam.ac.uk/CambUniv/Societies/ccms/
89 on the copy of purepop you got for your birthday :)
90 on your robot which you enter in "robot wars"!
91 On your socks
92 the ultimate place - on my web site http://www.alpha-omega.ndirect.co.uk/dzone
93 on Scooby's keyboard so he can't turn spurious brown...
94 on Scooby's monitor surround, to inspire him as he turns spurious brown
95 on the bottom of Pint glasses
96 on a helium filled balloon, which you then release - having first attached a label with the spurious URL :)
97 enlarge it and stick it on a satellite dish
98 enlarge it even more and stick on the clock face of Big Ben
99 on yer Hameg (oscilloscope)!
100 on your spurs shirt over the Hewlett Packard logo when they thrash Leicester at Wembley
101 on your star which you can so clearly see