1. When you're sulking 'cos no-one sent you a valentines card. Again.

2. When your head aches from playing Bliss too much.

3. When your ex-girlfriend of 6 months comes back from her college break and

it's terrible b/c you still like her. (I was talking to one of my guy

friends, and this just happened to him, and I told him... "it's okay... I

know I'll live to fight another day..."

4. When you only have $32 a month coming in.

5. When you're 6 months behind in your sophomore year.

6. When you have 4 months to raise $2000 for this year's missions trip, and

you only have $32 a month coming in.

7. When you can't fall asleep until 1AM and you have to get up at 6AM.

8. When you have to read all 101 of these things.

9. When you're waiting for your University interview.

10. When your CD player goes mental and can only play track 5 of any album.

11. When your ears ache from playing Bliss too much.

12. When your brain aches from playing Bliss too much.

13. When you get bored with Bliss...oh, wait, we want a sensible reason -

using this one would result in never hearing It's OK.

14. When you spill some milk.

15. When the crowd chant "We want It's OK"

16. When it's released as a single.

17. When you get to numbers 50 and 51, realise neither are amusing, and that

you've still got half the list to go.

18. When you're a Canadian fan and you can't get the It's OK single.  After

hearing about it for months on the web.  (thank goodness for obliging UK web


19. When you're feeling depressed about life.  Oh, sorry, were these

supposed to be humorous reasons? :)

20. When you're feeling a sad sense of loss after seeing old videos of D:

with the goatee intact.

21. When you're in the middle of an awesome guitar solo and you lose your

pick (d’oh!!)

22. When you wish that you could think of something humorous to add to the

"101 reasons to play It's OK" list.

23. When this list nearly dies and you have to resurrect it.

24. When your arm is brutally snapped in half.

25. When you feel like listening to some swear words.

26. When Bliss ends (on the UK Mezza, at least).

27. When you find yourself humming the Stu G solo but your voice breaks.

28. When you practice the mirror-ball effect with your wheelie chair.

29. When you produce your own video in time to "It's OK" with your cat as

the girl and yourself as Martin. The rest of the band can be played by

inflatable aliens, Lego men, fake ginger goatees and Harry Hill.

30. When the single flops without a single sale because all d: fans were

planning a second-week purchase to lengthen the staying-in-the-chart time.

31. When you think your boyf going to dump you, but you know it's actually

'cause he's incredibly stressed!

32. When you have nothing better do.

33. When you realise that you haven't actually listened to Mezza since


34. When you realise that the rest of the list is going to be incredibly

shocked by that last statement.

35. When you've got someone to convert to a d:fan before the 21st Feb, so

they'll go out and buy it.

36. When you almost fail your psychology exam.

37. When you have an English essay and a math exam on the same day.

38. When you realise that you only have 20 more days to think of 63 more

reasons to play It's OK!!

39. When you are watching the music video on TV but your TV speakers are

broken. ;)

40. When you are still going on about the choir in "Jesus' Blood".

41. When the latest dnews hasn't been released yet...

42. When you start seeing leprechauns and fairies with goatees and green

alien blowups in your dreams, haunting you as your unconscious begins to act

out your sheer and desperate anticipation for the single...

43. When you look at that last reason and wonder if Brandon is insane.

44. When your sister declares that d: aren't any good and we "shouldn't just

like bands because they're Christian."

45. Whenever you hear the words "A" and "level" in the same sentence

and feel like you want to die.

46. To persuade Katie that d:'s new stuff is as good as the old and

could she please give me CE back?

47. When you're on a diet and you haven't had a single biscuit for 6

days and they're normally your main source of energy.

48. When you are over come with the agony of waiting loads more days

for the d:signing.

49. When you're torn between telling everyone you meet about the d:signing

so they'll buy it but you don't actually want anyone else to turn up at HMV

so you can have a one-to-one with the band.

50. When you're listening to Radio 1's Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, and

they make an almighty mistake and play the same taped dialogue

between songs on a show that supposed to be live, and you realise that

the sooner Zoe leaves, R1, the better.

51. When you get the blame for something you didn't do and suffer

extreme humiliation for no reason, and then prove to everyone else

that it wasn't you and walk around for the rest of the day in Smug


52. When you're sulking because no one even sent you an electronic

valentines card.

53. When you realise d: are not signing anywhere in the south west.

54. When she breaks your heart.

55. When you realise you're replying to your own email.

56. When that Rebecca St James video still isn't available.

57. When you get an electronic valentines card and then realise that

it's from *that* one in your brother's youth club.

58. When you go to the pub with your friends who are all too tired

to talk and end up sitting there in silence wishing you were at home.

59. When your car won't start.

60. When you have a wonderful girlfriend and are tired of hearing

everyone else complain about Valentine's blues.

(60b.) When you don't have a girlfriend (or boyfriend) and are tired

of hearing about everyone else's Valentine happiness.

61. When you are the kind of person who likes everything organised

and gets really annoyed that people can't just copy and paste this

list, instead they have to forward it and it gets a million of these

stupid things ">" and makes it impossible to read.  (Anybody take a


62. When you realise just how right you were back at no. 17.

63. When dnews is really late because your internet broke. And is

still broken.

64. When you need the toilet but have to just cross your legs and

hope for the best.

65. When you realise that’s the ones you added ages ago have been

missed out and you no longer have them, so vainly hope that someone else

might and add them here!

66. When you too have a boyf but will still want to play It's OK on

valentines day as he's probably going to forget (ever the cynical!)

67. When you've got to go to a lecture about theology in the 2nd

millennium in five minutes.

68. When your mate comes in at 12am having had a really bad evening

and talks till 12:45 when you wanted an early night, but she's really


69. When you're worried about GG's state of mind after 64!!!!!!

70. When you realise that your boyf's gone home for the weekend and

you're really going to miss him.

71. When you've lost your Mezzamorphis tape but not the box (thank

heavens it's signed!) and have had to buy a new one!

72. When you realise you've gone off alcohol.

73. When you realise you have to walk into Heavitree because you’re

far to lazy to cook Lunch your self.

74. When you've realised that 'Its Ok' was played far too much in January.

75. When you realise that you should be using study leave for study,

not net.

76. After reading Stew's reply to the question about the Happy Song.

77. When you realise you might have to do cell group next week,

because you can't convince anyone else.

78. When you plan to spend Valentines day locked away in your

bedroom (by yourself)

79. When you wonder how sad we really are for doing so many 101


80. Because it's a good song.

81. Because it's Martin's favourite song.

82. When it's raining.

83. When you do a really wet sneeze and cover your nose with your

hand, and then - because you don't have a tissue - have to subtly wipe your


on a trouser leg in front of a group of people.

84. When you managed to send dnews out with a spelling mistak.

85. When life gets really hard, and all you can say is, "It's ok..."

86. When the weather outside is CRAZY! (It really has been over here in

CA... Yesterday, it was like, 60 degrees, and today, it was like 80

degrees! No kidding!)

87. When you have no comforting words to tell the people who lost loved

ones in the Alaska Airlines Flight 621 accident, except, go listen to d:!

88. When you get to number 27 trying to delete all the little ">" things

because it's really annoying, but figure... what the heck and leave the rest

of them for someone else to do.

89. When a guy named Jim comes from somewhere in the south to play the

guitar for your church band and he can't play... at all.

90. When the Latino band at your church is going to come and play with the

regular band this Sunday and you're not going to be there and their band is

really awesome!

91. When you're going to Northern Arizona where it actually gets down to 4

degrees(F) at night and there is NO SNOW!!! (I've never been in that cold of

wether and there is still NO SNOW!!! AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!)(It was like 80 degrees

today too Megumi)

92. When you write really long things to play It's Okay for and everyone is

like... shut up already...

93. When you realise that there are almost 2 BILLION people in the world

that have NEVER heard about Jesus... and then you realise that it's really

NOT okay!

94. When you find out that the Easter bunny does not exist. (and you were

looking forward to those little chocolate bunnies he always brings you... or

so you thought)

95. When you have cable and all your parents want to watch are old classics

for hours on end.

96. When you ride with your parents in the car and they put it on the

Christian station that still plays Amy grant, and Michael w. smith from when

they were in the 80's.

97. When you find these really cool shoes at Wal-Mart and they have them in

every other size except yours(9).

99.  When you realise that you're 2 away from 101 and you need to stop

because the last 11 questions were really stupid.

100. When you had a couple of pints at 'All Bar One' yesterday lunchtime and

got back to work in an alcohol induced tiredness and so couldn't finish

fixing that laptop that was meant to go to Paris yesterday evening, greatly

annoying the sales staff involved in the trip to Paris who escalated it to

their manager, who escalated to the divisional exec who escalated it to the

relevant director who unescalated it all down on to me. :o(

101. When number 100 has happened and it's my end-of-probation appraisal