1  Learn to sing it backwards.
2  grow a beard
3  read War And Peace
4  read an entire copy of Cross Rhythms magazine from cover to cover searching for mentions of Delirious?
5  Start a band and release a single and get it to number 1 before they do.
6  Learn to sing it in 10 different languages
7  See how many original things you can come up with to kill time
8  Start a thread on suicide....no wait, nevermind.
9  Without repeating one thing, get to 101 things.
10  Decide that number 9 is too similar to number 7 and disqualify it.
11  Listen to Mezza 3275 times.
12  Listen to KOF 2649 times.
13  Work out how many time you could listen to all the other d: CDs.
14  Download as many d: MP3's as you can find. Download times will vary dependant on connection and machine speed.
15  Ask the d: list, if there are any new MP3's on the net.
16  After your single goes no. 1, go on tour with d:
17  Wonder many times whether Martin really is Chesney Hawkes or not.
18  Sort out the mess of two people adding to the list at once!
19  Decide that actually there's going to be more of a problem with the number of >>>s in the message and sort that out instead
20  Go to lots of boyzone concerts
21  Sort out your keyboard error that you made in an earlier post
22  Play it at every cell meeting for the remaining Tuesdays
23 Go around singing the chorus, until everyone you know has it in their heads.
24 Ask Furious, if the single version will be different in any way
25 Buy a new keyboard
26 Kidnap d: and don't let them go until they led worship at Pinhoe Road
27 Read Purepop and find some proof that Mart did look like Chesney
28 Realise its time to go to bed
29 Go to bed and sleep for 8 of the hours before church tomorrow
30 Tell all your friends to get it because they SWEAR in it.
31 Explain to your hairdresser why they SWEAR in it.
32 Discover, when revising for English, that you predicted It's OK's release as far back as the 16th September in your English essay, and show off how prophetic you are.
33 Write your English coursework, trying to fit in delirious? quotes, pretending that when you quote from Martin Smith, that Smith is an esteemed critic on Fowles' "The Collector".
34 Perform mundane updates on www.spurious.org that will have d:starved people rushing to look at them, only to discover it's Scooby's recipe for chocolate hobnobs.
35 Attempt to eat a custard cream by only eating the biscuit bit and bing left with a slab of custard cream inside bit. Mmmmm.
36 Attend 16 Sunday Services (not counting extra Christmas ones) and ponder the statement "Belief was never meant to be boring"!!!
37 Read a Douglas Coupland novel and see where Jon gets his inspiration from.
38 Move this from when I first put it at 29...... Re-insert Mike Rimmer's number 21 at number 30. because @ndy did a number 18
39 Realise Adam already put in Mike's point at 29, then that he's added a load more just a few minustes before me and oh dear this is getting messy lets add mine again and hope that this doesn't get any worse :o(
40 Design a groovy CD insert for It's OK single
41 Realise someone's already done number 40 so you really ought to come up with a better idea
42 Wonder if this could be published in a book and if people would find it amusing after the event or not?
43 Come up with another 101 list - call it something like "101 Things to do with an OT e-mail discussion group"
44 Try and improve your level of humour when adding to the list......but hey! - it's ok
45 Suggest that Adam/Scooby or whoever get this on spurious with an auto list counter to stop 18 happening
46 Have a couple of perfect days :)
47 Go play paintball and think that you got hit when you really didn't so that you could have stayed in the game and won it for your team, but you were stupid enough to call yourself dead
48 Change your clocks back an hour for daylight savings time
49 Drink cappuccino
50 Grow your short hair out
51 Start jogging
52 Hope that no one adds at the same time as me so that mAd FiDdLeR doesn't have to sweat anymore
53 Try to type mAd FiDdLeR 50 times fast
54 Try and use the phrase "pretty as hell" in as many conversations as youcan. Example: Instead of "Wow, that girl is really hot!"...use..."That girl is pretty as hell."
55 After reading number 46, find some one to have perfect days with.
56 Say to any mad d: fans that if they want proof of d: selling out they have to buy a copy of the the new single as soon as it comes out :0)
57 Do some homework
58 Scare people camping by putting piles of stones around their tent.
59 Wonder why people in horror films don’t head in the other direction when they hear the celloists.
60 Make Al happy by buying a copy of any My Life Story recording.
61 Wonder if anyone will bother trying to do all of the things on this list.
62 See in the year 200 (add an extra 0 as you think it should be 2000!)
63 Read all of the 64 messages the list receives on an average day.
64 Stay up until the wee hours watching "lost" films from your youth such as "The Care Bears Movie 2" or "The Secret Of The Sword - The He-man/She-Ra full length animated feature film"
65 Dress up as Luke Skywalker, or dress up as Princess Leia and wear two bagels on the side of you're head and go to a fancy dress party. (Guess what we did this weekend)
66 Make Al exceriatingly happy by buying a single called "Walk, Don't Walk" on 31st January 2000 (Containg the fantastic line "Now the baby's cold and hungry, she didn't even feed the tamigotchi")
67 Go to http://members.xoom.com/_XOOM/primall/mahir/index.html and wet yourself laughing at how pathetic this bloke is...
68 Hope nobody's writing number 68+ while you're trying to think of some stuff to write...
69 Go to http://www.unhindered.com/insp/humor/index.shtml and read the lists, especially the elevator one... they are really funny if you are easily amused.
70 Go trick 'er treating...
71 Combine and Choreagraph CE 1-4, KOF, LAINTC, and MEZZ into one big Broadway musical.
72 Go door to door and see how many people in your neighborhood know who D: is.
73 Try to find and buy some property, and declare it the official... D:Country!
74 Make Martin President... or King or whatever...
75 Fall over dead on your keyboard as a result of brain exhaustion from trying to think of this things... is there such a thing as brain exhaustion?
76 Realise that you've been away for the weekend and have to catch up on 222 messages and sort out this list for some nice people! So proceed to insert the old 64 at number 77!
77 come into the station after being gone 36 hrs and find a bunch of messages about absolutely nothing, lay face first before the Lord and pray very, very, very hard that your d: friends find a hobby....soon
78 learn Perl
79 learn to code raw HTML
80 learn Lingo
81 learn to talk Klingon.
82 learn to play AbAug7 on the guitar.
83 practise smiling for Photo-Me booths.
84 Stop reading e-mails and do that work that must be handed in at 4:30.
85 Stop reading emails and try and write a feature for cross Rhythms magazine.
86 continue hoping that someone will send me some interesting Delirious? questions to ask them on Thursday morning.
87 realise that the emails you sent to Mike must either have been uninteresting or not reached him as you sent at least 10 questions!
88 Get very scared that your friends on this list really do have no life outside of this list and d:gigs!
89 Discover that you can't go to the d: gig in Cambridge so decide to go to the one in London instead.
91 Fix all the computers at my school.
92 Fix all the computers that kids broke while you were fixing all the computers at my school.
93 Make a big floppy hat, decorate it with lilies and turnips, paint a yellow spot right in the centre of it, sew a name tag inside it, go for a ride in a double decker bus while wearing it, lose it outside Euston Station in London, run around Trafalgar square pretending you are an llama, and eat a strawberry and swede flavour ice cream.
94 Get a well paid job.
95 Do nice things for your girl/boyfriend.
96 Discover that Mike Rimmer is unfunilly an anagram of Ri Mirmekem.
97 Wonder what happens if we end up with 102 things to do 'cos someone else post at the same time as me.
98 Read the bible
99 Learn to sign 'It's OK' in BSL.
100 Leave the last one for someone else.
101 Write a list of '101' things you can do to pass the time until 'It's OK' is released.